Baseball – America’s Number One Sports Pastime?

What is America’s number one sports past time? Can I still say baseball? You could make that statement 30 years ago and beyond that point but things have changed. Baseball of course has the richest history of all sports. When baseball fans get into talking baseball history they are really talking “history”. I mean when names are thrown out like Ty Cobb, Christy Mathews, Honus Wagner and Babe Ruth you are talking some major history. You can go back to the turn of the century right into the year 1900. Things have changed a bit. Has basketball turned into Americas #1 pastime? Can Football be Americas #1 pastime? With the emergence and popularity of basketball and football, there can now be an argument on which sport is Americas #1 pastime.

Basketball really took a turn in the 1980’s as Magic Johnson and Larry Bird took the NBA to another level. Of course basketball was already popular and had past stars such as Jerry West or Dr. J but the real breakthrough came in the 1980’s and from there it really took off with Michael Jordan into the 90’s. Basketball has even become very global now as many NBA stars come out of other countries. There was a time when the original “Dream Team” of NBA stars competed in the Olympics and faced no competition. Today, they better be ready because there is so much talent in these other countries that it is stiff competition. Like basketball, football has always been a favorite of many sports fans but its popularity has grown widely. It’s amazing the ratings that Super Bowl Sunday brings. They have even talked about making Super Bowl Sunday a national holiday. Though baseball is still a popular sport, many have traded in their classic baseballs for a big orange ball and an oddly shaped brown ball.

In the year 2050 basketball and football will have history like baseballs rich history and maybe soccer will be making an attempt to be Americas sport. Don’t laugh! O.K., go ahead and laugh. They have been trying for years; it’s not going to happen. Soccer of course is the worlds #1 sport, but will it ever catch on in America? I don’t ever see it happening. So what is America’s #1 sports pastime? You have to make the call on that one but to me baseball will always be Americas #1 pastime. Rich in history and many memories for folks of all ages. If you have any comments on this subject or want more sporting news doesn’t hesitate to check out our website which was recently redesigned by a web design company that offer their services online.