Baseball is the Sport For the Truly Competitive Person

Baseball is easily the most competitive sport of all sorts. That is probably why it is so beloved a sport in America, even to the point of it being the “National Pastime”. In America, we like to be competitive – even when we are trying to have fun. Baseball is far more competitive than any other sport. It is a sport that is dependent far more on team play and participation than any other. Baseball requires a very fine level of skill and tremendous hand-eye coordination, far more than any other sport.

One of the most competitive aspects of baseball is the way it is structured. Baseball is structured in a way that the whole team must play, and cannot rely on being carried by one player. On Defense, the ball can be hit anywhere at any time. Just because the second baseman, for example, is a great player doesn’t help when the ball is hit to the outfield or to the third baseman. Just because your “number 4 hitter can hit monster home runs doesn’t help when the other 8 batters are coming up to the plate.

In baseball, everyone has to play.

Another important point to make is that no team is ever “out of it”. At any point a team can rally and come back from behind, or a team can falter. The game is not over until its over is a very true statement. Unlike other sports, baseball is not controlled by the clock. That means that if a team starts a rally, the rally will continue until they stop hitting the ball. They will not be stopped by external forces. In basketball or football, for example, the clock runs out – the clock for the whole game, and the clock for each individual play or set of plays, and that puts an end to any rally that will then fall short due to lack of time. Baseball, however, gives everybody a chance. If you are competitive, and if you have the drive to win, baseball gives you that chance. Baseball does not cut you off with clocks and external forces. Baseball gives you the opportunity to compete.

The opposing team can’t just hold the ball, take a knee, run out the clock or any other way of stopping you by not playing. In baseball, if you want to win, you have to play offense and defense, and you have to play the whole game. That competitive drive is what really makes baseball a great sport.